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Free Land in Ghana

In October 2019, the Asebu Traditional Council in Ghana launched the "Pan African Village" in commemoration of the Year of Return and the 400 years proclamation. 5,000 acres of land was gifted by the Asebu Chief to Africans in Diaspora who wished to return to Ghana to invest in a home, farming, school or even business. TGBF was honored to be apart of this launching which first took place at the Asebu Palace in Ghana followed by a launching at the Ghanaian Consulate in New York. (Check out video of launching in New York at the bottom).For more information, please visit Asebuman.com

Please note: Due to the first come- first serve procedures and the time it takes for online applications to process, Directors of this land project are working directly with TGBF to ensure reserved plots and expedited services to our clients.

Kindly email us at info@tgbfoundation.org to be added to the list of those interested in acquiring this free land. TGBF will email you the link to print, fill out registration papers, scan and email forms back to us. We will expedite the process of your registration and ensure that your plots are reserved for you.

We encourage those interested and registered to join us on our spiritual pilgrimages to Ghana in December or July 2021 to visit the lands, select your plots, meet with those in charge and fulfill all necessary requirements before sending money for building.

On these pilgrimages, TGBF will also be taking registration for free land in Cape Coast offered directly from The Paramount Chief of Cape Coast, Kwesi Atta II and only to individuals and organizations we are working with.

Frequently asked questions

  • Can we begin the land purchase before Phase II?
    Yes, but the land is gifted not purchased. You will only pay for your own survey, pillars, indentures and registration. We ask that you use the word "select" as oppose to purchase.
  • Can we select just the plot size instead of plot number?
    Yes, you may select any available plot.
  • Who will be responsible to collect our money?
    Obed Acquah, Director of Operations. However, TGBF suggests you register first and if possible, take a trip to Ghana to see the land before sending money.
  • Can we use Apps such as Xoom or World Permit so that each individual can begin their purchase now?
    Yes, you may use whatever works. However, TGBF suggests you register first and if possible, take a trip to Ghana to see the land before sending money.
  • Who do we send our registration to?
    You will fill out the forms and email it to us. If you are not able to make it on one of our trips to Ghana, TGBF will register your land at the Ghana Lands Commission in Cape Coast.
  • Which method is best to send the registration, (email, online website, or US mail services)?
    You can register on the asebuman.com however that process is long and if you know anything about Ghana, you want to have the connection needed to mediate the expediting and ensuring your registration and land.
  • Once the money and registration has been confirmed received, how long will it take to receive the land deed?
    It normally takes about 90 days but now with the virus it may take longer.
  • When the deed is returned, will the deed indicate a plot number?
    No, it will mark the boundaries of your survey. You will receive a Land Allocation document with your assigned plot when you pay your fees.
  • Will your company be dealing with (Stanbic Bank, Eco Bank or the Bank of Ghana) if we choose money transfer?
    We are using Zenith Bank. All other banks should be able to transfer money to Zenith.
  • Can you confirm whether there will be builders, architects, or banks available upon our arrival?
    Yes, all will be available.
  • Is there a limit to the number of 80 x 80, 80 x 100 or 100 x 100 plots we can buy/register
    No limit at this time, but all selected plots should be developed in a timely manner.
  • Will we be choosing the Plot numbers we can to purchase/register for or will that be done by the people in charge in Ghana?
    You will select your own plot. Again, we advise that you take a trip with The God Box to Ghana to select your plot
  • Can we open a business on the land?
    Please draft a short business plan that details your objectives and identifies the amount of land.
  • Are there different contractors/architects/builders we can connect with to establish a relationship on what type of house we would like to build based on our budget?
    Yes, builders are available and the contact persons are Obed Acquah and Kwame Nitoto.
  • How high of a wall can you build on your plot of land? Is there a height limit?
    We have not discussed wall height. But you can probably build as high as you like. Cameras are okay but we will not have a gated community. We will have security.
  • Does the Asebu land allow for Homes with “Solar Panels” or “Rain water Collection tanks”.
    Yes and Yes.
  • Are there any “Cell phone” and “Internet” towers near Asebu for those who need to manage their online businesses using a steady internet connection.
    Cell phone service and internet is weak but functional. Will get better when more people move into the community.
  • Can we qualify for Medical Insurance in Ghana without citizenship and only a Visa?
    You pay cash for your medical here but it is not expensive. And, we will have a Health Clinic on site.
  • How can I get a good bank account?
    You can open a bank account without citizenship but you need to be working in the country. You will need a valid id, work and residency permit, TIN, passport pics. Best banks for international banking is Stanbic bank. All banks are different with their wire transfer fees. You can use your credit or atm cards in Ghana but there is no open line of credit cards only loans given for homes, cars, businesses.

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